Bitmark Passport

Bitmark passport is a decentralized identity system based on WebID.

Instructions to create a bitmark passport

There are a number of ways to create a bitmark passport. You can use your own home page, run your own version of bitmark storage and passport, or use an existing provider. It is possible for your bitmark identity to accrue reputation over time.

Option 1: Using an existing provider

There is currently one recommended provider for testing run at MIT

It is likely more providers will be added to this list, over time.

Notes on key generation:

Option 2: Hosting your own decentralized bitmark passport

This is a more advanced option. You can host your passport on your own home page, or use bitmark storage to do so, or even both!

This documentation is a work in progress expected to be complete by final Beta.

See channel #testing on slack for more info

Next chapter : Installation

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